Hobby Kids are Happy Kids

Hobby is an activity that a person loves doing or is passionate about. Hobby and Happiness are inter related.  Studies have found a link between participating in the activities that give them pleasure. People who have been participating in such activity have found that they feel more livelier and happier than when they are away from these activities.  Hobbies can vary depending on the individual. Some of the individual hobbies can be something creative, like sketching. Others may have hobbies that add some thrill to their life, say paragliding. Hobbies may vary but the satisfaction or the pleasure in doing those activities is what makes an individual happy. All the hobbies ultimately help an individual in growing as person. Growth comes w hen there is happiness and peace around. Hobbies provide the necessary happiness and peace in the lives of the people. Hence proving that there is deep relation between hobbies, growth, happiness and peace.   Hobbies are generally developed whe